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Laetitia Halbeisen

Founder and AuraLIP genesis

Meet Laetitia, the founder and CEO of auraLIP!

After working for several years in scientific innovation for ingredient industries such as cosmetics and food, she decided in 2022 to leave everything to embark on an innovative project with a real impact on our society and our planet.

With a strong passion for entrepreneurship, Laetitia has worked tirelessly to develop her own business, which aims to become a reference in healthy and responsible food.

With her extensive experience in regulatory affairs, she was able to ensure that her product meets the highest standards for food safety and sustainability.

Laetitia also knew how to surround herself with the best experts by joining two different incubators : the Genopole in Evry, the first French start-up biocluster, as well as the Food’InnLab of AgroParisTech. This initiative allowed Laetitia and auraLIPto benefit from the expertise of industry professionals and to develop an exceptional product.

Marine Messant

Founders and AuraLIP genesis

Meet Marine, the co-founder and CTO of auraLIP !

Marine has always been passionate about plant biology, a specialty she deepened during her PhD. His professional experience in retail has also given her a unique insight into the food industry.

When Marine met Laetitia for the first time she was instantly convinced by her impact project. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to contribute to the development of auraLIP.

As CTO of auraLIP, Marine brings invaluable technical expertise to the team. She uses her passion for plant biology to develop innovative technologies to create exceptional products for our customers.

Marine is convinced that the future belongs to entrepreneurs who have the ability to create quality products while preserving our environment.

About Auralip

auraLIP is a young and dynamic startup that focuses on the use of deep-tech to offer new healthy and environmentally friendly food ingredients. We believed that food must be a driver of change for a more sustainable future. This is why we are proud to produce high quality proteins, from a plant naturally rich in proteins: hemp, sublimated by our 100% natural process.

Our company motto is to FEED, PROTECT and PRESERVE.



Oct 12 2023

Genopole Partnering week

Looking for a disruptive food collaboration or a pre-seed investment ?Book a date with us AuraLIP Low Impact Protein 🌎🍀 during the Genopole partnering week   👉 https://lnkd.in/efdEgMJZ Marine Messant, PhD  Helene Virasith Genopole Stéphane SOUM #alternativeproteins #biotechnology #foodtech #impact #fundraising
Oct 11 2023

The new food paradigm

 Wednesday, 4t October, an exceptional day was planned in partnership with Genopole EIT Food and ShakeUp Factory, we are delighted to invite you to our Demo Day.

Juil 26 2023

Protein connect 2023 – 13 septembre 2023

Nos fondatrices Laetitia HALBEISEN et Marine Messant, PhD ont eu l’occasion de Pitcher lors du concours international Protein Connect organisé par Protéines France.

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