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hemp culture
hemp culture
Hemp seeds : the new superfood !
Hemp seeds : the new superfood !
AuraLIP innovation
AuraLIP innovation
AuraLIP products
AuraLIP products

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Hemp what a plant !

An environmentally friendly culture !

Hemp is a historical crop that has not suffered the pressures of varietal selection, which gives it a natural robustness. Hemp seeds have hardy characteristics and heterogeneity that allow them to be less susceptible to pests and diseases, eliminating the need for pesticides.

In addition, the root system of hemp promotes good soil aeration, improving soil quality for subsequent crops. It is also one of the five field crops most favorable to biodiversity, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.

The intensification of hemp cultivation could also have a significant impact on the fight against global warming, since this plant is able to capture an impressive amount of CO2 and convert it into biomass thanks to its rapid growth.


Pesticide free

promotes biodiversity

0 T/hc
CO2 absorbtion

Low water consumption

A multitude of uses !

Hemp is a plant with a long history and many practical and beneficial uses. France is the European leader and the world’s third largest producers of this versatile plant.

All parts of hemp can be used for various applications, making it a valuable and sustainable resource. Hemp fiber has been known since antiquity for its strength and durability, and today it is mainly used as insulation in construction. Hemp flower is increasingly popular for its therapeutic benefits. 

Additionally, hemp seed is an exceptional nutrient source that is underutilized. It can be made into flour and oil for food, providing health benefits and a sustainable alternative to other ingredients.

That’s why AuraLIP chose it !

Hemp Seeds nutritional qualities

Hemp seeds are a real nutritional goldmine. They contain all the micronutrients necessary for a balanced diet, including 30% protein with the 9 essential amino acids, vitamins of groups B and E, as well as minerals and trace elements. They are also rich in essential fatty acids, with an ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 for optimal health.

Hemp seeds are also an excellent source of insoluble fiber which provides a satiety effect.


disruptive technology

auraLIPtechnology sublime seeds directly and allow to change organoleptic properties : texture and taste !

Our fast process needs low energy 



High amount of assimilable proteins

Unsaturated fatty acid



Oct 12 2023

Genopole Partnering week

Looking for a disruptive food collaboration or a pre-seed investment ?Book a date with us AuraLIP Low Impact Protein 🌎🍀 during the Genopole partnering week   👉 Marine Messant, PhD  Helene Virasith Genopole Stéphane SOUM #alternativeproteins #biotechnology #foodtech #impact #fundraising
Oct 11 2023

The new food paradigm

 Wednesday, 4t October, an exceptional day was planned in partnership with Genopole EIT Food and ShakeUp Factory, we are delighted to invite you to our Demo Day.

Juil 26 2023

Protein connect 2023 – 13 septembre 2023

Nos fondatrices Laetitia HALBEISEN et Marine Messant, PhD ont eu l’occasion de Pitcher lors du concours international Protein Connect organisé par Protéines France.

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